Open Band Tune List

At our open bands, we generally play these tunes:

Jigs (6/8)

Wild One (Dm)
Star above the Garter (G)
Out on the Ocean (G)
Swallowtail Jig (Em)
Indian Point (Em)
Road to Lisdoonvarna (Em)
My Darling Asleep (D)
Maison de Glace (D/Bm)
Hundred Pipers (A)

Reels (and anything else in 2/2)

Julia Delaney (Dm)
The Wren (Am, Em, or Bm)
Bus Stop (Am)
Brenda Stubbert's (Am)
Flying Home to Shelley (G)
Far From Home (G)
Nail that Catfish (G)
Mairie's Wedding (G)
Evit Gabriel (Em)
Sandy Boys (Amix)
Coleman's March (D)
Lady Anne Montgomery (D)
Highland Laddie (D)
Red Prairie Dawn (A)
Little Liza Jane (A)
On the Danforth (A)
Evil Diane (A)


Ask to find out which ones we're playing this time.

Ookpik (G)
Haapavesi (D)
Amelia's (D)
Midnight on the Water (D)
Sheebeg Sheemore (D)
Margaret's (A)

Printable Packets

Treble, Alto, Bb, Bass, Tablature

This isn't a complete list, but if you practice a tune on this list it's very likely that we'll play it at the dance.

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