Band Welcome

We are pleased to have you play the BIDA dance! For more information about the BIDA dance series, see


The hall is open at 6. We ask bands to arrive in order to be ready to start sound check by 6:30. Setup is between 6-6:30, with sound check from 6:30-7. There is an intro workshop from 7-7:30, which you're not required to play for. The dance runs from 7:30-10:30. Get dinner before you come; there are a number of restaurants in Porter Square and surroundings. Feel free to ask if you'd like restaurant recommendations. If you’ll be late, give Julie a call at 401-481-5853.


Most of our dances are held at the Masonic Hall in Porter Square, 1950 Mass Ave, Cambridge. We're opposite the Porter Square stop on the Red Line if you're coming by transit. If you're coming by car you can park in the lot next to the hall or (since the dance is on Sunday) in any metered or residential space for free. Parking is in the driveway immediately to the right of the building, in the spots with signs that say "MASONS PARKING ONLY". The blue doors go to the back of the stage for load-in.


BIDA will provide a sound system and run sound. The hall manager will be at the hall at 6 to meet you. We'll put you in touch with the sound person before the dance. Please email that person a list of your sound needs.


We offer a $100 guarantee + profit sharing per person. Profits are shared equally among all performers and BIDA. (More details).


We allow sit-ins behind the band, off microphone. They're generally unobtrusive. There's a dessert potluck at the break with popsicles and treats. You don't need to contribute but you are welcome to partake. It's a good chance to mingle and meet everyone.
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