Due to the coronavirus, dances are cancelled until the fall at the earliest.

The BIDA annual meeting will not be able to happen as planned. Instead, we're calling a remote membership meeting for 8:30pm on April 30th, and proposing the following bylaw change:
Article VI, Section A, new subsection: If the annual meeting of the membership cannot happen on the announced date, it will be postponed until the next BIDA-sponsored event after the originally scheduled date. The term of the incoming board will run from the day after the election through the last day of April, and the term of the outgoing board will be extended until the term of the new board begins.

1st and 3rd Sunday Contra Dances

BIDA hosts a contra dance on the first and third Sunday of every month at the Masonic Temple at 1950 Mass Ave., Cambridge MA, in Porter Square. These run 7:30-10:30 and cost $5-$15 (sliding scale).

If you've never contra danced before and you come to the 7pm beginner's workshop, or you bring someone who hasn't, we'll give you a free pass for a future dance.

All our dances are gender-free (Larks / Ravens calling) unless advertised otherwise.

Accessibility information.

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