As of 2023-06-07:


Cambridge Masonic Hall

The Masonic Hall is not wheelchair accessible. To get in the front entrance, there are nine stairs up to the door and then sixteen down to the hall where the dance is. There is also a locked side door, with eight stairs down to the hall. To reach a volunteer who can let you in the side door, please call 617-871-0237. If assistance would be helpful, we can get people together for that as well.

The stage is on a higher level from the dancing, four steps up from the hall and four steps down from the side door.

There are two small all-gender bathrooms, not really practical for wheelchairs, on the same level as the dancing.

Somerville Armory

The Somerville Armory is wheelchair accessible. There is a ramp from street level to the door, and then everything we use is on a single level. This includes two large all-gender bathrooms, which each have a handicap stall.


Regular Dances

At our regular 1st and 3rd Sunday dances at the Masonic Hall there is a disco ball. We typically reduce light levels and turn on the ball about halfway through the evening, during one of the dances. If you want to know when this will be, ask at the door to talk to the hall manager.

Spark in the Dark

At our occasional Spark in the Dark dances we have much lower light levels, moving colored lights, and blacklights. We don't use strobes or smoke machines.

Public Transit

The Masonic Hall is on the Red Line, Fitchburg Line, and the 77, 83, 87, and 96 buses. The Armory is on the 88 and 90 buses. All of these buses and trains are wheelchair accessible. For detailed directions and schedules Google Maps works well: Cambridge Masonic Hall, Somerville Armory.


All of our dances have chairs along the edge where you can sit, talk, hang out, etc if you don't feel like dancing.


Our regular dances have a dessert potluck at the break, and our family dances have a dinner potluck between the family dance and the regular dance. We don't have restrictions on what people can bring, and this often includes nuts and other common allergens.

As of 2022-09-21 we have temporarily suspended the potluck due to covid.


We don't have a fragrance policy, and some people (disproportionately newer dancers) wear cologne/perfume.


We don't have a photography policy, and it is common for dancers to take pictures or videos and post them on social media.


All our dances are sliding scale, on a pay what you can basis. If you can't afford to pay at least our minimum, let us know in advance and we're happy to have volunteers. You can join our volunteer mailing list to get notified when we're looking for people for upcoming dances.

If you show up asking to volunteer without talking to us in advance we may be able to find a role for you, but we also may not. So please write to us ahead of time so we can coordinate!


If you have other questions, write to us at
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