Safety Team

The safety team exists to resolve conflict and increase safety and comfort in the BIDA dance community through proactive education, confidential conflict reporting support, and trained mediation. Safety Team members draft and revise the Safety at BIDA policy, serve as trained volunteers to handle safety concerns at dances, and respond to issues pertinent to the team's purview as appropriate.

The Safety Team prioritizes a rational and fair approach to conflict resolution. While we take all safety concerns seriously, we reserve the right to speak with all parties involved in a safety issue in order to take appropriate actions. We respect the confidentiality of concerns brought to us and are willing to broach issues with the subjects of complaints anonymously when appropriate, but we are not willing to act without first communicating with the problematic party in some way. Except for the most serious complaints and issues which have legal aspect, we do not follow a Zero Tolerance policy.

The Safety Team believes in the ability of individuals to respond to feedback and regain good standing in community after addressing safety concerns, but keeps an eye on the progression of actions in order to ensure that actual progress is being made and is willing to address continued issues as they arise.

If you have a safety concern, please contact Safety Team at

If you are uncomfortable contacting the group as a whole, or your issue concerns a member of Safety Team or a Safety Rep, you could write to Safety Team members directly:

See also: Safety at BIDA.

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